Horizons Project

Details on my 3d EPCOT Center Horizons pavilion model.

EPCOT Center's Horizons master landscaping plan

Horizons Project Is Back On

So I've picked the Horizons project back up and am working on it full steam again. I've collected quite a bit more research material...
EPCOT Center Horizons 3D Model Render 7-9-06 02

Horizons Update – July 10, 2006 – Exterior Details

I know it's been a while since my last update, but I'm finally making some progress. I had to spend a good bit of...
EPCOT Center Horizons 3D Project Render 9-8-05d - Exterior (VIP entrance)

Horizons – September 12, 2005 Update – Details, Details, Details…

I'd like to thank Planet7 for his help with Horizons and Epcot photos that have really helped fill in the gaps in my model....

Horizons – July 4, 2005 – Final Conversions Complete

Picking up the project again.
EPCOT Center Horizons 3D Model

Horizons Update: 3.07.04

Details on progress as of 03/07/04.
Horizons 3D Model Front View 11.04.03b

Horizons Update: 11.04.03

Details on progress as of 11/04/03.
Horizons 3D Model Front Angle 11.03.03i

The Horizons Project History

This is a visual record of the early progress of the Horizons project.