Horizons Hovercraft Model – Finished.

Epcot Horizons Hovercraft / Pegasus Hoverlift 3/4 shot

As some of you may know, I’ve been busy at work over at Retro-Replicas.net working on my Horizons model. And while busy pushing polygons I had a chance to work on a toy design. And while going through the process of getting the toy through manufacturing, it occurred to Todd and I that we should tackle a smaller project to test out a few different manufacturing methods and factories.

I remembered I had this old Horizons hovercraft model that I hadn’t finished and it might make a good test sample. So I cracked open the ‘ol model and finished it up. During the process I found out that the so-called “hovercraft” actually had a name and it was written on the nose. That Horizons hovercraft is actually a “Pegasus Hoverlift”. So here are some final renderings of the hoverlift:

Epcot Horizons Hovercraft / Pegasus Hoverlift 3/4 shotEpcot Horizons Hovercraft / Pegasus Hoverlift FrontEpcot Horizons Hovercraft / Pegasus Hoverlift Underneath

For more renderings and to follow our progress into turning this into a prototype physical model, join me over at Retro-Replicas.net.

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