The Horizons Project History

This article details the early progress of the Horizons project.

10.22.03 Rendering

Horizons 3D Model Front Angle 10.22.03iThis was the first rendering I made public of the Horizons project. It was mainly released to allow others to check it for accuracy. As you can see in the image above, a lot of the bulk of the building is there. I wanted to make sure I had the major components right before I progressed to adding more detail.

10.26.03 Rendering
Horizons 3D Model Front Angle 10.26.03iHere you can see some more detail was added. Most of it is in the entrance/exit areas. I added some basic materials to the entrance areas and added the entrance and exits.

11.03.03 Rendering
Horizons 3D Model Front Angle 11.03.03iHere I’ve added a basic shader to the exterior of Horizons. Note the color change and although it’s difficult to see in this image, I’ve added the channel lines than run down the exterior of the roof surface. I also tweaked and added detail to the upper level windows.

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