The Mark IV Monorail is complete

…or at least as far as I’m going to take it at this point. 🙂

Final Rendering Disney Mark IV Monorail model shot 2

Click the images to see a larger version. This weekend I’m going to put the monorail into the EPCOT Center model and see how well it all fits. I’ll post a render when it’s done. It should look pretty cool.

Final Rendering Disney Mark IV Monorail model shot 1

I’ll be moving back to the main EPCOT Center model now. This should be fun, 🙂

I would like thank a few of the folks that helped me with research and ensuring the accuracy of the model:, George McGinnis, Brad Koerner & Stephen Getsy.

Thanks for the help guys. I couldn’t have done it without ya.


  1. Sep 19, 2007
    10:04 pm


    Great job, you found decals and everything! Kudos :mrgreen:

    As always, I look forward to you next update.

  2. Sep 25, 2007
    7:33 pm


    WooHoo! Excellent work! Happy to see you made some significant progress! 😀

    Although… Any chance for a Purple Monorail? 😉 🙂

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