Progress during 2001

Welcome to my long journey of recreating EPCOT in 3D. It’s been quite a while in the making and it’s still in progress. In this first chapter you’ll see my work on the project during 2001. Please note that the colors you see and all the lighting are temporary. They are there for reference only. At this point I am mainly concerned with the shape and placement of the buildings and objects. I am planning on picking this project up again one day. But for now it has been placed on a backburner while I work on my Horizons project and another project that is still in development. So enough of the background, here’s the stuff you came to see:

9.11.01 Rendering
Here you can see some of the very basic placement I was working on. I was simply trying to get everything in the right place and the right scale.

9.16.01 Rendering
I’ve added Universe of Energy and some more details on the right (West side, EPCOT faces south) side.

9.16.01b Rendering
Another view.

10.14.01 Rendering
I’ve added a bit more detail to the Test Track, Wonders of Life pavilions and the entrance area. Plus Spaceship Earth has it’s signature panels in proper scale now.

10.23.01a Rendering
Here you can see I’ve added more detail to the Innoventions area and the unload area of Spaceship Earth. You can also see the detail in front of Wonders of Life.

10.23.01b Rendering
A closeup of the WOL and UoE areas.

10.28.01b Rendering
A closeup of the added detail in Innoventions area.

11.7.01 Rendering
Here you can see I’ve added the American Pavilion in World Showcase and Mission: Space in Future World. Now the reason M:S doesn’t look right is because it was based upon an Imagineer’s painting released before it opened. I used it to create the model you see here. As we found out later, the actual attraction varied slightly from that original painting and thus so does my model. When I pick this project back up, I plan on fixing the M:S model.

12.18.01 Rendering
Whew! It was a busy month as you can see. I finished Test Track, and added a whole slew of countries in World Showcase. I even got started on Japan.

12.23.01 Rendering
Japan is finished and I added trees and planters to the entrance bridge to World Showcase.

12.24.01 Rendering
A closeup of the bridge itself. Note the banners on the light poles. No detail too small. 🙂

12.27.01 Rendering
I’ve added the docks and one of the trader pavillions (shops) to the entrance to WS.

And with that the 2001 renderings are complete. 🙂 Please check out the 2002 section to see further progress on this project.

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