The EPCOT Center Project

So I’ve been going over my models to see what condition they’re in and what direction I need to go with them. After taking a good look at my EPCOT Center model I now realize my map is far from correct. Since it was derived from satellite photos, it is distorted in more than one axis. So it looks like I’m going to have to re-build it.

I’m also going to have to do some work on the world showcase pavilions as well as their layout will have been distorted too. You’ll notice that there isn’t a Norway or Morocco pavilion. I’m going to be setting this model around 1983 – early enough to contain Horizons and Journey Into Imagination, but not to contain Norway or Morocco. My goal is to capture an “early years” version of EPCOT Center. I could build a model of 1982 EPCOT Center, but then I’d have to leave out two of my favorite pavilions. 🙂

EPCOT Center To-Do List:

  • Redraw Master Plan Map
  • Re-arrange pavilions to fit in new map
  • Build Canada pavilion
  • Rebuild/tweak other World Showcase pavilions
  • Build walkways & World Showcase Lagoon
  • Build World of Motion, The Land, The Odyssey Center and add Horizons
  • Finish Communicore
  • Finish Entrance
  • Add Monorail loop
  • Other stuff

Stay tuned for more on the EPCOT Center project… 🙂

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