EPCOT Center Update – Entrance Booths


EPCOT Center entrance booth with basic materials applied

The entrance booths are done for now. I had to texture them because they are duplicates. It’s a lot easier to texture one booth and duplicate it now rather than duplicate them now and texture each of them individually later. As I don’t have any reference to what the signs above the ticket windows looked like that year (late ’83) I placed a simple placeholder instead.

If anyone has a photo/info of what was atop the ticket booths, please pass it along.

My next step is to finish the monorail station and then build the monorail. (The Mark IV edition) So any info on the monorail would be appreciated as well. :mrgreen:

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I have something that might be useful for the monorail. If you remember I did some research and modeled my own a couple years back. I have images with profiles and dimensions that helped me quite a bit.


Not sure. I am out of town, so as soon as I get back I check and let you know.

How woudl you like me to send the files?