EPCOT Center Project Resumed – May 15, 2007

May 15, 2007 EPCOT Center Project Image 1

I’ve picked up the EPCOT Center project after a much too long hiatus. As this project was started when I had much less 3d modeling experience, there are some mistakes to correct. I’ve been spending the last week cleaning up the meshes around the entrance to the park and the monorail station.

I’m planning to spend a good deal of my free time (read: 9pm-midnight a couple nights a week) working on the model and getting it up to speed. My goal is to recreate EPCOT Center circa late 1983. (Right after Horizons opened)

As I get more sections of the park completed, I’ll post renders here and on Themed Attractions. If you notice something that isn’t correct to the circa 1983 EPCOT Center, please let me know. I want to make this model as accurate as possible as it has another use (or two) in the future. And by all means, if you have access to any media, drawings, photos, info etc detailing the appearance, layout, etc of the early days of EPCOT Center, please pass me a copy. I could always use more reference material. :mrgreen:

Epcot Center Model Overview Shot

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Jason this looks great. Keep up the good work. 😆


Glad to hear you started this project back up. Are you planning to make a virtual walkthrough in the future? I have been working on a custom vb.net engine that could suit nicely if you would like to go that route in the future. I know in the past you talked about using ut2k4, this way we could customize the walkthough/simulation to include other goodies (shows, etc.). It would be nice if we could get a couple people together to make this work (just like your plans a couple years back).


It figures…the week I stop compulsively checking the site (I have a list of websites that I procrastinate with) there’s a jaw-dropping update.
Incidently, it’s amazing…the textures are even more photorealistic than the last post. I can’t wait to see it completed. Keep up the outstanding work!


p.s.- Thanks again for doing this. Peace!


Greatly detailed models and very nice lighting, so far so good!

I’m sure it’ll all turn out as great as your Horizons model.

Your an inspiration 😉