Disney/Bombardier Mark IV Monorail – Got Resources?

George McGinnis’s Painting of the Walt Disney World Mark IV Monorail Exiting the Contemporary Hotel

The next step in my EPCOT Center project is to model Walt Disney World’s Mark IV monorail. But to the fact that the Mark IV has been out of service for many years, decent resources are hard to come by via the net.

The Mark IV entered service at Walt Disney World when the resort opened in 1971 and were decommissioned in 1989 (a few remained until 1990). The Mark VI series is what is currently run today. (Disneyland runs the Mark V series, although they’re getting Mark VIIs) Since my EPCOT Center model is set in 1983, I’ll be modeling the Mark IV. I have located a few basic dimensional references, but I am lacking good solid reference materials.

If anyone out there has good reference materials (drawings, close-up photos, etc) you can pass along, I would appreciate it. I’d like to model both the exterior and interior of the monorail with as much detail and accuracy as possible.

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I’m still searching my Disney Media archives, but here’s seomthing that may help: http://www.bigfloridacountry.com/monorail.htm

On this site is some images of a MarkIV that was on sale at mousesurplus.com. Some really good external images and shot of the drive system. (The wheels..) 😉

If/when I find more I’ll post it.

Keep up the great work! 😀


So… Shoertly after my last post I found this site. It has a mix of MarkIV and MarkVI info, but it maybe helpful. They may also be a good source to tap for WDW Monorail information/resrouces.




Found these via Google’s image search. You’ve probably already hit them, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to post them. Good luck!


Hehehe.. Actually, I found monorailyellow the same way. I figured you had already found that one but not the others. What is killing me is I know I’ve seen some very detailed images and diagrams of the MarkIV. I just can’t remember where.

EdWont’s post just reminded me of something… Another good place to check would be the galleries on wdwmagic.com. I’ll keep looking…


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Hello everyone.

I would be happy to send you any pictures you may want.
I also have the pictures of the monorail fire back in the 80’s