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Horizons – July 4, 2005 – Final Conversions Complete

Picking up the project again.
EPCOT Center Horizons 3D Model

Horizons Update: 3.07.04

Details on progress as of 03/07/04.
EPCOT Center 3D Render Model - 90802

Progress During 2002

You'll note that I don't have any renderings for 2003. That's because I didn't work on it during that year. I had 2 other...
EPCOT Center 3D Render Model - 122301

Progress During 2001

Welcome to my long journey of recreating EPCOT in 3D. It's been quite a while in the making and it's still in progress. In...
Horizons 3D Model Front View 11.04.03b

Horizons Update: 11.04.03

Details on progress as of 11/04/03.
Horizons 3D Model Front Angle 11.03.03i

The Horizons Project History

This is a visual record of the early progress of the Horizons project.