Abandoned Amusement Park – Nara Dreamland – A Japanese Disneyland

I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned architecture – especially theme/amusement parks. There’s just something creepy and sad about these places that used to bring so much joy now left sitting to rot in the elements. You’ll find them all over the world – including Pripyat Amusement Park located inside the Chernobyl Accident zone. The really sad thing about Pripyat is that the Chernobyl accident happened just a few days before it was to open. It was open for a few hours after the accident took place, but that was about it.

Nara Dreamland Map
Nara Dreamland Map

Nara Dreamland was built in 1961 and operated all the way up to 2006. It’s clearly inspired by Disneyland as evidenced by the layout. Supposedly the building of Nara Dreamland and its blatant copying of Disneyland pissed off Walt. Of course, it wasn’t anywhere near the quality and detail level of Disneyland.

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