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As some of you may know, I’ve been busy at work over at working on my Horizons model. And while busy pushing polygons I had a chance to work on a toy design. And while going through the process of getting the toy through manufacturing, it occurred to Todd and I that we should [Read the Rest…]

So I’ve picked the Horizons project back up and am working on it full steam again. I’ve collected quite a bit more research material since the last time I worked on it so there are some corrections I have to make. You’ll see these over the course of the next few postings. The first major [Read the Rest…]

I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned architecture – especially theme/amusement parks. There’s just something creepy and sad about these places that used to bring so much joy now left sitting to rot in the elements. You’ll find them all over the world – including Pripyat Amusement Park located inside the Chernobyl Accident zone. The really [Read the Rest…]

I’ve been going through a bunch of my stuff to update my portfolio and realized I hadn’t updated the blog with the last bit progress I had made on the hovercraft. It’s by no means done, but I’ve been so busy programming I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish it up. 🙁  

Here’s the latest on the model. I tweaked the body and added the fan blades and motors. I began work on the undercarriage as you can see I’ve scooped out the landing gear wells. I’ve also applied some initial shaders to give some weight to the model parts.